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Sometimes you come across an unexpected gem and in our opinion this mini-documentary is one of them. In the video Brainpower explains how his love for glasses started and how his idol D.M.C. from Run-D.M.C., also seen in the video, managed to make glasses that originally came from the Netherlands iconic worldwide.

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Bedrijf in de kijker Frame Holland – Preciosa

Belgoptic op bezoek bij Frame Holland, de enige brillen-manufactuur in de hele Benelux, waar de brillen van Preciosa ontworpen, ontwikkeld en gefabriceerd worden.


Amsterdam Made geeft lokale maakbedrijven uit de regio meer bekendheid met hulp van Bierbrouwerij Breugem, brillenfabrikant Preciosa en Kesbeke, inleggerij van Amsterdams tafelzuur. Deze ondernemers hebben veel te danken aan de stad en helpen daarom de kleinere makers, die nu staan waar zij ooit stonden.

Pure Dutch manufacture

During the Silmo in Paris, everyone’s eye was caught by a very impressive photo of the interior of a sunny eyewear factory. It turned out to be the stand of Frame Holland where the viewer got a clear picture of this pure Dutch product.

The plastic and metal collection of Preciosa are designed, developed and produced in the factory in Burgerveen. Although part of the manufacturing process has been taken over by machines, crucial stages of the production process are still manual. This applies to the manufacturing and assembly of the parts, the polishing of the acetate glasses, the final inspection and the polishing of the glasses before they go into the case. The frames are made from bioacetate – a plastic made from cotton and wood pulp – by Mazzucchelli from Italy.

Frame Holland is the last remaining eyewear factory in the Netherlands. The current owners of the company each have their own expertise. Menno Borsboom designs the glasses, his brother Hans manufactures them and his sister Saskia ensures that they are placed on the shelves of specialized opticians. They are supported by ten employees in the office and five in the field.

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